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Lone Worker Alarms

Lone Worker Alarms


Every employer has a legal duty to provide a ‘Duty of Care’ to your employees and to protect them from risks which could have ‘reasonably been foreseen’.

If one of your employees suffers harm at work as a consequence of doing their job, you as their line manager or director could quickly end up in court. If the HSE can prove that the policies, practices and systems that you have deployed aren’t satisfactorily protecting your employees then you will probably be in breach of Health and Safety legislation. This could have a disastrous impact on your business, including litigation costs and huge amounts of negative PR, not to mention fines of up to £20 million, prison sentences and criminal convictions for some senior staff.

Portcullis Alarms lone worker GPS alarm is specifically designed for people who face daily or occasional hazards and risks to their personal safety.

The system protects anyone against the dangers faced daily in any number of situations including employees who carry cash or transit goods for their employer, utility workers, healthcare staff, through to people faced with finding their car late at night or waiting for public transport to get home after working a late shift.


How does the alarm work?


In addition to an immediate SOS emergency response, our device also has two-way audio recording and voice calling as well as fully automatic fall detectors and man-down alarms.

You can now fulfil your obligation to lone workers whilst also improving staff retention and motivation by helping them to feel safe.

Our devices are monitored 24/7 by our alarm receiving centre.

No alarm ever goes ignored.

Our GSM & GPS enabled device conforms to BS 8484

See our video below for a brief tour and a short explanation of the GSM panic button.

Contact us for a FREE demonstration. Our GSM & GPS portable panic buttons cost a lot less than you would expect.

* 24 month monitoring contract required for service to operate; includes all data, texts and calls. ROI typically repaid in 12 months.


Please download these documents for further information.

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